I grew up exploring the woods and wetlands of rural New Hampshire as well as the crags and tide pools of coastal Maine. I recently graduated from Williams College, where I majored in biology and environmental science, and I am currently pursuing various ornithological fieldwork opportunities. I am particularly interested in birds as indicators of ecosystem health. 

Tree Frog Ink is a casual but enjoyable side project. It began as a series of stylized pen and ink drawings, now accompanied by an occasional blog post and some of my favorite photos. Although my drawings are stylized, I want them to be identifiable as unique species, and I hope that they capture the essence of the creatures I choose to depict. 

I often draw from my own photos. Although I have no technical skills as a photographer, I've had the privilege to see some incredible places, and I love to share my experiences through snapshots. All of my favorite photos have some unique or quirky details, and I love visual puns.

In the past, my drawings have been reproduced as prints, note cards, and t-shirts, and various other forms. However, I do not keep items in stock, and I will not be selling items while doing remote fieldwork.